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Darjeeling internationally acclaimed as one of the best hill resorts is also a veritable paradise for trekkers and adventure seekers. It takes one to places where nature is yet in her premival majesty. It brings one face to face with the sublime grandeur of the Himalayas.

Darjeeling (2134 mts) Maneybhanjang (2134 mts)(by car/jeep)
Maneybhanjang (2134 mts) Tonglu (3070 mts)
Tonglu (3070 mts) Sandakphu (3636 mts)
Sandakphu (3636 mts) Phalut (3606)
Phalut (3606 mts) Gorkhey (3100 mts)
Gorkhey (3100 mts) Rammam (2560 mts)
Rammam (2560 mts) Rimbick (2286 mts)
Rimbick (2286 mts) Darjeeling (by car/jeep)
Darjeeling (2134 mts) Rimbick (2286 mts) (by car/jeep)
Rimbick (2286 mts) Rammam (2560 mts)
Rammam (2560 mts) Molley (3250 mts)
Molley (3250 mts) Phalut (3606)
Phalut (3606 mts) Sandakphu (3636 mts)
Sandakphu (3636 mts) Gairibans (2621 mts)
Gairibans (2621 mts) Maneybhanjang (2134 mts)
Maneybhanjang (2134 mts) Darjeeling (by car/jeep)

Trekking into Sandakphu starts off from and altitude of 1,524 meters (5,000 ft) and gradually climbs up through forests of rhododendron, giant magnolias, spruce and other trees of sub-alpine region and not to mention, more than 600 varieties of orchids-the largest to be found in one geographical area in the world.

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