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Snowfall in Jorepokhari

The Lake Jorepokhari

Jorepokhariin Summer

Jorepokhori is beautiful picnic spot just 22 km from Darjeeling.

Jorepokhari provides a heaven to those seeking a quite holiday away from the thronging masses. An early riser can witness the vivid play of colours against the majestic Kanchenjanga as the sun rises over the horizon.

Salamander - A Rare Species of Lizard

The Himalayan Newt, a rare species of lizards (Salamanders), has chosen the Jorepokhari lake as a mating place. Every rainy season hundreds of these newts gather there to breed and it is a rare sight to experience these event.

Tourist Lodge - Jorepokhari


Accomodation at Jorepokhari is available by the Darjeeling Tourism, The Jorepokhri Tourist Lodge. It is a well maintained lodge situated in this idyllic location.


You can reach to this beautiful place by taxis and commander jeeps available from Darjeeling.

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